One sided love;

A loves B. B loves A. B loves C more than A.

Sometimes, love is just really cruel. No matter how hard you try to pull on that connection, you just never meet. It’s a horrible feeling— loving someone who will never ever return your favor. But it’s okay… people don’t always meet to become lovers. You don’t have to hate that person for not reciprocating the things you do. You just have to accept the very sole fact that maybe… you’re like parallel lines—
you both have the same features and
you always have a thing in common,
but you will
with each other.

— a.v.m. || 2:20 AM (via whodarncares)

“I stopped writing about missing you and the color of your eyes the first time he kissed me again; it was that night I sat down and took in the reality that you didn’t care anymore, that you are the reason why I’m the person I am now. You said you’d fix me by breaking me and I’ve never heard such a true statement. You see, you left me and I was heartbroken and I put my lips on other people who meant nothing to me and spent most of my nights wishing you’d text me again. Eventually, I stopped crying and caring. I didn’t miss you anymore, I accepted you were gone the second my lips touched his once again, I felt all the feelings I thought I could only feel kissing you. So, thank you so much for breaking me beyond prepare; I had to create a new person and I can’t thank you enough for letting that happen. I guess you have to get stabbed in the heart so many times before it becomes useless. But let me tell you, I’m so much better and I’ve forgotten why I was so sad for such a long time in my life. All I know is I adore his eyes; mainly because they’re brown and yours are blue and I’ve never compared him to you and I never will.”

— A letter to you (J.M.S)

“I always hear “It’s okay not to be okay” and for a while I needed to hear that, but there was something else I needed to hear but didn’t realize until today. I was struggling with guilt about moving on and leaving the past behind and healing myself.
My therapist said this:
“It’s okay to be okay. It is okay to move on. It is okay to heal. It is okay to be happy. It is okay to be alright. You are not deserting anyone. You are not abandoning the people still in the dark place. You are taking care of yourself and there is NOTHING wrong with that.””

Internal Acceptance Movement: (via puissantesprit)


CASTING CALL! Scratch the “knows basic acting,” we can teach you how! :) For interested please don’t hesitate to TA ME. Or add me up on Facebook.

We need 3 more guys and 1 more girl! :) 
Screen age means your age does not necessarily have to be in the age bracket given. You just have to look like one. :) 

Pro bono and no talent fee, but food & transportation, experience, fun and new friends provided! :) 

Tentative production shoot on THURSDAY, AUG. 28, 2014. :) 
But we can work the schedule out! :)


Title: All That I've Got
Artist: The Used
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I’ll be just fine, pretending I’m not…

“To move on is to accept every painful or happy memory that has happened and leaving it sealed in the past.”


Kailan ko mararamdaman na mahalaga pala talaga ako? Kasi, lagi na lang parang may mali kasi eh. Pag nag-alala na ako sa isang tao ay dumarating naman sa punto na bukas makalawa, iiwan na din ako. Ni hindi nga ako nagrereklamo o nanunumbat. Ngayon lang. Ginawa ko naman kasi lahat ng magagawa ko para hindi ako iwanan pero ano? Ano bang meron sakin at tuluyan akong balewalin na parang hindi nabuhay sa mundo mo? Sabagay, simpleng pagdadrama na naman ito sa paningin ng iba pero sakin kasi napakaking isyu neto eh.