Niluluma ako ng panahon.
Inaamag ako ng kahapon.
Kinakalawang ako ng pag-ibig ngayon.


End of the month and I am happy for today with too many such reasons. First, because of my co-officers at the university student council, then the next one, probably because we are done with the questionnaires for Thesis report, third is tomorrow is August. Weird, right? But, I only have 10 days to produce a script with different characters, how could I manage time with my social life and as a student? Lol. Whatever it is, I know, I can do this. Aja.

It’s weird to say that I am over you

I do not believe that people can ever get over someone that they once loved

Because, every so often, I’ll get flashbacks of you and I together

Or I will see strangers on the street that, I swear, look exactly like you

And some nights, when I am really lonely, I almost pick up the phone to call you

— you can’t get over someone you once loved (via walakomaurlputa)

It’s a privilege to have a two-way, face-to-face communication with the first Chairperson of PLMun’s Mass Communication department. It is also an honor to meet one of the 2nd batch who graduated with this discipline in my university where I belong and tackled about their activities and culmination days they had conducted during their college years.

Since, we are using the title of “Composure Under Pressure" and some of us doesn’t have an idea with that concept, she asked us, good thing I know a short background about that, so I answered "It means that we should not be in panic while on the process while doing something…" and she added that it is not about meeting the time frame but also avoiding the mediocrity in different fields. Also, she discussed the plagiarism issues. Honestly, we are not aware the history that she, referring to the chairperson is the creator of the statement that we are promoting up to now.

And the newsletter, the 3 shirts (Stop. Look. Listen: Space Getters / I ♥ MC / Compusre Under Pressure) and the familiarity of the MC students are getting lost. So, we opened up this to her and the officers are trying and making ways to revive things. I hope, it is a successful one.

“A year ago we stayed up till 3 am talking
And today I don’t know how to even say hey”

— (via lulionheart)


Kanina ko pa pinapakiramdam ang sarili ko kung ano ba talaga ang gusto ko sabihin, kung ano ang gustong maramdaman, kung ano ang gusto ko. At kanina pa ako pinapahirapan ng kawalang direksyon sa aking patutunguhan. Wala. Wala akong masabi at maramdaman pagka’t masyado akong naapektuhan sa mga ginawa ko at kung ano ang kinahinatnan at sino ako sa ngayon.

Ngayon na lang ulit ako pinarusahan ng mga alaala ng bigla-biglang lumabas ang mga kanta ng kapitbahay. Nauuhaw ako at ikaw pa din ang hinahanap ko bilang pantawid sa nararamdaman kong ito. Hinahanap hanap pa din kita. Oo, ikaw nga.

Kung sakaling maaalala mo ako
tipong hindi inaakala
biglang dumapo sa isipan mo
sana’y mapangiti pa din kita
alaala ng mga sandali
na tayo’y pansamantalang magkasama,

Kung sakaling mapapadaan ka
sa lugar na minsan nating nadaanan
yung araw na tayo’y magkakilala pa
sana’y mapangiti pa din kita
bigla na lang mapapatawa
o makwekwento sa bago mong kasama,

Kung sakaling makikita mo ako
sa di inaasang pagkakataon
oras na hindi natin plinano
sana’y mapangiti pa din kita
pero wag ka nang mag abalang tawagin ako
dahil baka di ko mapigilan ang sarili ko.

YAKAP by Wilson Esguerra (via pot-esguerra)

One thing you shouldn’t do to Hormones casts: MAKE THEM MAD.